Friday, September 16, 2011

September resolutions !!

never heard of it ?! me neither :P but I figured its never too late to get a hold over the upcoming months especially when it comes to puttin oneself back on track...
well the truth is it came after a rather shocking conversation I had with my dad yesterday ;
'you know people support an entire family with your salary and you're're ..where do you spend your salary?'
'well lets see between transportation , fast food and  travel ..DAD, tickets are expensive !!'
'I know but I covered most of your expenses there'
'I wasn't exactly alone !! plus mom told me.......see it wasnt ma fault and...' apparently he didn't buy it
'Habibi here's whats going to happen're on your own should learn to be independent...we will still be helping you ,sure, but only when you absolutely need it'
I was speechless.. now ,out of the blue, I'm financially independent ..unfair !
to be honest , this has a good side after all makes me think of having one more job ,not just volunteering.. yea lets see how good I am with this 'new' concept