Sunday, September 29, 2013

Making Peace is a Marathon !

The city of Beirut, Lebanon, has seen its share of tragedy, as a seat of Lebanon's long-running civil war (1975-1990) and the Israeli-Lebanese conflict that came to a head in 2006. But in 2003, May El-Khalil, a local sports official, decided: It's time to start a marathon, open to all, as an antidote to sectarianism.I find what she does for a living very inspiring ..take a look :)

P.S. I found the first 30 seconds quite tedious , her accent a bit irritating , and her face is so plastic (obviously she had had tons of plastic surgeries done but you will come to know why ) its worth watching ... Enjoy

Monday, September 23, 2013

This thirty something life -Jon Rance

I read novels/books fairly regularly but it's the first time I have decided to review one . I didn't choose it for its originality but it was simply my last here we go .... 'This thirty something life'
'A romantic comedy for anyone who is, has been or is ever likely to be a grown up. Being a thirtysomething man isn't easy (especially when you still yearn to be a twentysomething man). Meet Harry Spencer. History teacher, lover of snack food and terrified of growing up. However, when his wife Emily drops the P-Bomb, Harry is suddenly thrust into the role of expectant father. When he's tempted by the greener grass of an ex-girlfriend past, Harry has to make the most important decision of his life.' 
that's how its being billed.
Now why did I read this? There were some funny parts, learned a lot of British slang, which is kinda cool . But it was generally a waste of time. Here is the main problem:

  Characters aren't fleshed out enough. Here's what we know about the main character, Harry:

He's a History teacher but for vague reasons , he doesn't seem particularly interested in History or educating youth. Basically he's a lousy history teacher who is not interested in anything other than alcohol and sex. A man who wants to live the life of Peter Pan until being forced to grow up. The way he rationalizes irritated me beyond belief. And you don’t really get to know a lot about Emily, his wife even after reading the whole thing --she's fit and wants to be a mom that’s about it. Of course, most of the book involves Harry trying to avoid the temptation of cheating on his wife with an ex (who does not deviate from the sexually-unsatisfied-housewife stereotype).
Having said that, Jon Rance does somehow manage to convince me to turn the page. As it is written in the form of a diary so it has short, punchy “chapters”. There is a great temptation to think “I’ll just read one more before I put it down” .Jon Rance has a very accessible writing style and his sense of humour is apparent through many parts of the book. So if you manage to fight the temptation to slap the main character for his utter stupidity/immaturity, you might actually enjoy the read. And it’s definitely British humour, a bit mad, rather offensive at times but open and light-hearted in the main.  
One thing I appreciate about this book is being able to have a peek on a guy's head, how they think, reason with their own self- it's funny how all that goes..

Lastly , it wasn't very original. another chicklit in the book world. But easy to read .Perfect for long train rides