Friday, March 21, 2014


Good Morning ! its been a while :)

This is a non focused ,completely biased , not at all logical  post about my stay in Wales - a country west of England... I m warning you ahead !

                  Cymru am byth 'Wales forever' is the country Motto .. how cute!
They even got their own language - that no one can speak properly as English is the official language but that's not my point -  I just find Welsh sounds quite entertaining :)

I've been here since November ...  I feel like when I live outside my comfort zone , I am  almost obliged to question what I believe in on a daily basis which can be good and not so good at the same time .

To make things even more interesting, I've recently learned that my boss is gay ...which was strange when I first knew....He just doesn't fit into the gay stereotype ..well at least my version of being gay.

To be honest , he is by far the most professional , supportive , nicest boss I've ever worked with .This challenges alot of what I used to believe is true about being gay .

That being said,I still think its not the way of life I want for anyone I care about . To be honest , if this society is completely secular then  LGBT rights do sound quite sensible . But the truth is , society is not and I am not . But then again being rigid is not the way forward if one wants to make the best out of everyone about them.

ok enough about Wales ...what else shall we talk about ?!

I have just come back from 3 day visit to Baghdad. To be honest , its much easier for me to keep a positive energy towards anyone if I see them often .. I just suck at long distance relationships ... the visit was madly tiring but I fully enjoyed the 3 days in Baghdad( plus the 2 days I spent traveling from and to London ).
I do most of the time !
I truly believe this trip did me good ..Having failed almost every test/exam I've taken this year so far .. no clue on how to go about my training applications , my thesis and many more work/study related problems . I feel like I need to keep a positive attitude if I want to achieve what I want and stay focused .

I m totally relying on you big boss !

Cheerio !