Saturday, August 27, 2011

there's nothing like a mama-hug !

Location: Medical ER
Time: 10 pm
A woman was staring at me from a distance …I saw  her by chance ,turned back to what I was doing then it clicked …..what the heck?! Is that my Mom?!!  Why is she in the ER !..for a second ,countless thoughts  crossed my mind but then I looked at her closely….she was  smiling at me … her looks gave me reassurance, after all if something bad had happened she wouldn’t be letting me  finish managing the case I was handling.
'What are you doing here?'
'I brought you Suhur '
'Seriously mom I'm not exactly in the desert you know'
'Have you had Iftar ?'
'Are you serious? Did you come to ask me if I had eaten or not?'
'I'm so worried about you …'
'Doctor the result s..'
'Let me see, we are going to cover anti- ischemic for her and repeat the ECG half an hour later ' I said that to the patient's husband
'What does that mean?'
Of course he didn’t understand …I usually explain things in layperson's terms but I was so distracted by my mom, I couldn’t work!
'Ok I'm sorry… it means not enough blood is reaching her heart muscle and we gonna give her medicine and see what happens'
then I turned back to her 'Umm mom, are you alone?'
'Are you her mother?'  Guess what that was the patient's relative again.. 'She had treated my dad too…you have an excellent daughter. God bless her'
It was getting so awkward at this point … and I really had to go back to work
'Did you come by yourself?'
'No your dad is waiting outside  ...are you coming tonight?'
'NO…hunny, I'm not a kid anymore mom please…'
'Ok ok I'm leaving  ...'

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A very democratic chit chat!

'I can't understand… why not? Come on mom, You can't do that to me'
'Please mom'
'I said NO…I won't host this French friend of yours in my house'
'She's so cute'
'And I bet she's so French too'
'You know I never thought you gonna say something like that'
'Its Baghdad darling wake up ..we gonna get ourselves  killed if we host her '
'What if ..what if we hide her ,please mom its gonna be an awesome experience'
'But then you're busy all the time ,you can't host her even if I say its ok'
'Don’t worry I'll manage '  
'You are as idiot as your friend … I don’t know anyone in her right mind who would  leave Paris and spend her summer here in Baghdad  '
'She works as a human right …'
'I don’t care ..human right …waste of time...That only adds to her stupidity ..listen it’s a NO and that’s final '
I haven't given up completely yet.My dad is next ,he's an easier target :P I should've tried with him first ...but my hand is full with something else right now ..I'll let you know what's gonna happen next :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

An other summer day ..has come and gone away :)

'what do you mean you dont know when you're coming back ? what kinda program doesnt have a preset closure date ??'
'no no just listen its not a program I'm migrating'
'no way ,ur kidding right ?!'
'I'm not'
'yes you are'
'no I'm not'
'walla ' although my friend's Christian but walla is kinda universal here !!
'that's ...hmmmm thats great which state?'
he has three aunts and an uncle there
'listen we need to meet before I go'
'September , 7th'
'and you decided to tell me just now !!!'
'the IOM sent me the email yesterday I promise entire family applied 5 years ago I actually kinda forgot about it '
'I cant make it , wont be in Iraq'
then there was a pause, a rather long one for a mobile conversation :P
'you dont seem so excited by the way ?'
'you know my family is pushing me to go for it but I'm so worried ..I've already started something work and I'm leaving my master'
'get a master degree from Chicago you idiot '
'you know my parents told me that too, they're paying btw'
'of course man they have to'
we laughed alot at that... I actually pity Iraqi parents sometimes.. they're doomed with their children until death do them apart :P
'its the right move'
'yea it is.... but  life there will be difficult right? '
I couldn't say no because for him that's the truth.. his life in Iraq is so comfortable ..his parents held  influential positions at the government and with the way things are working here ,this means alot..
'but you're smart can do it'
'I'm leaving for good '
'and it is for your own good '

Sunday, August 14, 2011

He is a She

No matter how much I try , I dont think that I can put my feelings into words ..yes he doesn't have a girlfriend, yes he is a weirdo but I always thought that maybe he thinks he's still too young to be committed or something I dont know... I never actually linger on these thoughts  .. you might say so what?well,this is me we're talking about ...I find it really hard to digest let alone react appropriately to ...
I treat homos,  I dont befriend with them or at least that's what I used to think ..I felt so sick when he told me , I still do actually,thanks Allah I managed to hide it from him ... I'm so sorry for him ...he's so depressed and wants my help ...MY HELP!!?? I'm a doctor yes but not a psychiatrist I cant help him or should I say her..I'm totally overwhelmed ,tired and exhausted, working alot and studying too ..I have my own troubles ..for god sake ,out of all his friends why on earth did he choose to tell me?!! I can't take care of other people's problems ...not now