Sunday, February 26, 2012

Alumni 2010 : Gossip

'Shut up ' I couldn’t believe it
'I'm telling you, that’s what happened'
'No way  ...I...I can't understand  ...I mean …so you're saying that you simply quit, just like that …quit'
'I just didn’t like it, working at the hospital day in and day out'
'Seriously what were you thinking? You're quitting your job with no plan B ...what's that?'
'I figured staying in Baghdad instead of going to Kirkuk and not having to go to the hospital every day, this way I will have  time to get  ready for the masters. I'm thinking Basic sciences, so I don’t have to deal with clinical work'
Me at this point… POKER FACE… he went on saying 'My plan is to get Masters in Baghdad…If I get accepted I will start December this year'
I couldn’t help it at this point I simply burst into laughter...' and until then what are you gonna tell people!?Hi I'm Bilal I used to be a doctor and now …now I'm a housewife'
I got slightly taken back because it wasn’t that hard to sense the uncertainly in his voice besides ,after the explosion that  took away his dad's life , everybody kinda expected him to step up and take care of the family instead of relying on them .anyways , I laughed wholeheartedly today thanks to his crazy ideas :D

'Did you know that Mohamed smacked Duaa in the ER?' if I have to name one thing in Bilal that havent changed, it would be his overwhelming interest in other people's business :P
' Really! Do they work at the same hospital?'
'Nope, then the security kicked him out of the ER'
'Is that for real?! I've always thought this couple was weird'
'Duaa left work altogether after the incident .And Mohamed is in Russia'
'Russia ?' I gasped
'Aha..he met this Russian girl in Lebanon and he wanted to meet her family'
'Lebanon?!  Where in Lebanon? You can find Russian girls in one place only.....'
'Noooo' I didnt even want to consider the possibility
'Yes and he wants to marry her'
'Marry a hooker!! Good for Duaa …..Whats wrong with you people ,You studied  your entire life to quit?'
'You know Sarmad, he had left too… he's in Turkey right now'
'Wow wonder why we're understaffed'