Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Operation 1.0.1

'I've lived though sh*t, I can survive this Inshalla ' I thought this morning when I was in the passenger seat of what supposed 'but turned out not' to be a taxi…
'Where the hell is my visa card?' I thought ' Is it in my purse or in my pocket  ...wait I'm not wearing jeans I have no pockets ' gosh it's in my purse …ok ok it's your safety first just give him the purse and the visa ..Or maybe I should hit him with the purse, get out of the car and run …think quick danya ..Gosh hmm…ok plan A…..
'So are you Jordanian?'
'Great I love Iraqi people'
'That’s …err good'
'I won't hurt you don’t worry  ...I'm just gonna drive to where you want '
'You know I really want you to take me back to the UK embassy I forgot to submit some documents..'
'Oh  ...ok then …'
'I think we should take that route' I don’t know if it was obvious but my voice was all shaky at this point.
'Nooo I know better .this is my country, the way we're taking is a shortcut .you know this is a Christian area and the western part of Beirut is Sunni, the southern is goes back to civil war time when …. Btw Have you ever been to Lebanon before?'
'Err yea '
'And you are Shiite or Sunni?'
'Sunni' sh't sh't sh't I shouldn’t say that now I'm officially dead…So I quickly added
'My mom is Shiite though 'this is true  ...well at least partly!
To be honest the man was so polite but he was clearly unstable .His reactions were unpredictable and I just wanted to get out of the car.
'I'll wait for you'
'No need sir  ...thank you I'm fine'
'I'll wait anyways'
'Sir don’t you have work?'
'I'm self employed …here is my card'
'You know it will take probably 2 hours maybe more because hmm you know security stuff'
'What have you done with my card?'
I wasn’t paying attention but because my hands were so sweaty the card almost melted in 'm
'Ok then  ...what do you have at 7 this evening?'
'I have to go to the university to meet my professors'
'7 pm at the university??'
'Yes …it is is a late meeting'
'What about coffee at 8:00?'
'sounds good. I have your number now I'll call you ' and I could've added pigs can fly
'How did it go with the visa application?'
'Mom it was horrible  ...I'm telling you it's going to take 2 weeks to be processed and they took my passport. Mom I'm stuck in Lebanon'
'Pray hunny'
'I will…but you tell grandma to pray for me'