Friday, July 20, 2012

Have a blessed Ramadan everyone

Baghdad International green zone

'Hello , can you hear me ? '
'Yes perfectly '
'I'm calling on behalf of the prime minister office ..we've already sent you an email ,this is just to confirm what is stated in that....'
'I've seen the email '
'Great , do you recognize the place from where we gonna pick you and the rest of the candidates '
'Not really ..the map attached wasn't easy to follow '
'Ok the place is exactly near a ......'

On the day of the interview

Just so you know ,This wasn't my first interview , after 2 interviews I was short listed together with a number of other doctors my surprise I couldn't recognize a single face ...all other candidates were!
'Mommmm !!!'
'What's wrong ? A blast ...'
'Relax nothing I'm alright ..its just that I think ..well this is just a different offer , I'm not sure..what shall I do?'

I finally did go with the rest to the green zone ...

'There is only one explanation doctor ...You have  submitted your application twice to both offers'

As a matter of fact I did '><'

Series of unfortunate break ups

5 months ago 
'Care to explain ?'
'It was just something that everybody our age is doing nowadays '
'?! so it did happen ?'
'you are making a fuss out of nothing'
Of course  this is my side of the story , but I can assure you it wasn't nothing .. No gal I know would tie the knot with a guy who believes in the open relationships crap ....end of discussion .

3 months ago 

'I thought about us for a long time and I think it would be better if we end it now ...please I don't want to offer any explanations .. I prefer to keep my reasons to myself so please don't ask me why ...' and the letter keeps on this way , I was quite surprised to say the least !! a break up email ! Well  that's new one i did what he said though ... I didn't feel like I want to know the reason behind his sudden decision ...the guy is simply irrational ...the world turned out to be full of such people , I wonder why no one has ever warned me about that before
 I felt......hmmm nothing ! Maybe because the guy was a jerk ! I don't know!

3 days ago 

'I really think that we should talk more '
Yea well I really didn't think likewise ..there wasn't anything left to say...we aren't a match ..not even close ..the only reason  I didn't break up with him earlier was my parents .... I just couldn't cope with his egocentric  silly attitude  anymore 

Any regrets? No ...i do believe , it ended for the best to all of us

Casper the friendly ghost

I've been planning to blog for so long but I guess my procrastination had beaten all my prior attempts to do so  ...not this time though .... Come see why !

If you had the chance to read my previous posts  , you might have guessed that I'm already doing my second year residency in baghdad ...
After a long struggle with the corrupted ministries in my beloved free country ,I have managed to retrieve my post in the university  last January ..
With my uni post , my internship in the attached teaching hospital , All was going super great career wise .I was physically exhausted but un proportionally euphoric was pink !!
'you're the optimistic face in this miserable cancer team' my senior used to say 
Well this was true , until the beginning of June when the chief residents called for a meeting with manager of the hospital  just to tell him that of all the residents in the floor i was getting 'special treatment' from the seniors of medical department 
So another meeting was set , This time I was part of it ..I had very little to say in response to that mainly because it was  so ridiculous a claim that I could not imagine the management of the hospital would be serious about  it .... the next day It was all in writing ' undisciplined doctor who always gets away with her mistakes because of the special treatment she's getting ' ..bottom line in less than 2 working days I  was fired from my job in the hospital ...yes fired ! 

It took me awhile to grasp what was happening i mean it all seemed so untrue , simply a bad dream !   
But there was no time for any contemplation.... I had to react quickly to get my job back ... which I would've never been able to do without the support of friends and family ... 

It took me along time to come with a convincing theory of why all this had happened .. Why a resident at least eight years older than me worked so hard for more than a month to pull out such a thing ??! It's true that we're in a competitive training but that simply does not cut it ....
 I was working harder than anyone else because this is just the way it is in my culture as a woman you have to work so much harder to get the same recognition of your male counterpart ... Maybe I worked harder than I should be !! 
In the end , I was successful in reversing their decision but I guess without sufficient evidence, they already knew I would be able to do that ... A message was meant to be sent by all that and I got their message ....
I left the floor altogether , quit giving presentation and other med activities ...i even quit going to the canteen !! In  other words, I decided to be invisible....and to starve :P