Friday, July 26, 2013

Surviving a broken leg

Hey there world ! 

Its been a while .. maybe because I am a bit caught up with the preparation for a test I want to sit this September ( Its not going great by the way !) and I currently don't have a 24 hour internet access ( I think anything less than 24 is a nightmare) which is a bit funny because when I was in Iraq , I always had one . Now that I am in the UK ..! what can I tell you ?!( well.. you have to start somewhere)  

So this Ramadan isn't exactly my bestest ! I broke my leg :/ how ? I tripped ( with my own legs !)
 and no I wasn't drunk ( I don't drink and its Ramadan! how could you think that :P)...

Simple things become daunting when you can not walk ! I made a huge mistake by telling my mum who once knew she decided to book a flight and come over ..thankfully I manage to convince her it isnt necessary. Same day few hours later (thanks to her of course), my phone didn't stop ringing as she managed to tell everyone she knows...
That same afternoon, after spending a good ten minute journey from my bed to the apartment door ..I was a bit taken back to see my aunt on my door step ( she lives a good one hour away and shes never visited me before)
'Yalla pack and lets go '
'Yalla yalla ..'
because I wasn't really sure how use those crutches ...guess what! I tripped one more time ..I know !
I ll leave you now ..

have a nice day