Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Letters from the front line

Hello there best friends ……

'Letters from the front line' will be  a series of entries to my random diary . Its basically about my very last holiday as a student in the UK - July-August - . Though it was relatively short but quite few interesting, exciting, distressing and crappy things happened. Not necessarily in that order. 

Here's a teaser of what had happened ;

  • Hit by a London bus - ouch -
  • Almost hit by a london bus -again!-(seriously whats wrong with them buses :P) if it wasn't for a law enforcement officer accidentally passing by  -How romantic ! -
  • Impersonating Sherlock Holmes in one of the most mysterious Arabian -ISIS flavoured - nights in Baghdad 
  • Blood pressure shoots up (for real) on any mentioning of rabbits .You'll know why !
  • My story with A rabbit 
  • A very special night in Baghdad - in a good way :)
  • All about my ambitious to-do-list in Iraq 
  • A couple of new friends  
  • My visit to the doctors'
  • My latest chick read
  • Summer shopping ...anyone?
  • A follow up on my Eid resolutions 

All that and more had happened in less than 10 days ! 

Stay tuned and until I see you next time you keep smiling ...