Sunday, January 30, 2011

Another rainy day ….

I love the rain. I don’t know why but I do .the heavier, the better …yesterday, I woke up quite early. Checked my watch still about half an hour to Fajir … I can hear the sound of rain outside, it's gonna be great, I thought-lame I know-.  It's my first day as a surgical ward resident. The hours are longer but it's less stressful than the emergency and the best part is, I'll have my own office!
Gosh I should change this tone….
'If I say yes or no, that won't change your decision. You still gonna do what you think should be done ….'  That was from a friend I asked for advice… the guy was in an 'unfriendly mode' I thought or ….or am I that stubborn?! Naaaaaah
'Busy, doctor?'
That was the nurse of the urology ward
'Please come in'
'I gave shyma only half the dose of pethidine and she starts feeling dizzy ….'
'Shyma who ?'
'Uro ward 3'
'When was she admitted? '
'Few minutes ago , the senior 's already ordered the tests and the treatment '
'And the guy didn’t even bother to tell me I have another patient under my watch …..those seniors' I thought
'Her records?' I asked   
'Its still empty, I was about to hand it to you after giving her pethidine '
'Ok, let's go check on her'
'Good morning shyma ,how are you doing?' I asked
no response
'shyma,I know you are in pain ..please nod if you are feeling dizzy?'
'Gosh, if she was anybody's patient in the exam they'll definitely fail' I thought
'Shyma please help me help you …..'
Half an hour later ….
'What's wrong with her, doctor?' the nurse asked
'She had right nephrectomy after an RTA and now she is presented with left ureteric stone, a big one obstructing her ureter'
'And …and what does that mean?'
Come on!! I hate it when I have to translate … not because I don’t want to, but I just can't find the right words for it plus I hate the things that I usually suck at ….
'Means ,nurse, she has only one kidney and its shutting down, give her the rest of the dose add metoclopramide to the treatment'
'salam alakum you are ..?'
'I'm Doctor … the resident on call today '
'Why aren’t you wearing your badge?'
'I am'
'Oh…. then come see this patient with me'
That was Dr.Zala the chief of residents, aka my boss, which happens to be a urologist too
'Sure, doctor ' just to be clear that wasn’t sucking asses…Although I think the latter is part of my job description!
'Would you mind if we use your office?'  It was dr.zala again
Man take over the office, you rule, just stop adding more working hours!!
'Not at all, do you want me to leave?'  I said
'No, stay. Its an interesting case'
'Why is this patient here? He's a shell in his abdomen; he might need an operation anytime? ' one of the surgical team on call that day asked me like I'm the one who planted the explosives in this guy's car
'I'm following him up closely, he's stable so far… plus I don’t assign the wards in which patients are staying, you do'
He didn’t comment .victory!
'Move him the ward closest to the OR'
'And next time, ask one of the nurses to escort you when you go to the male wards…'
Apparently my face was expressionless
 'It's late, rainy u know …as a safety measure'
'I…I will !! '