Monday, February 7, 2011

expecting too much

It was 20 min to midnight, when doctor karri, my substitute, showed up.  I can't say how much relief I felt when I saw him… there was still 20 min for my shift to end... I lost the lab coat I was wearing, grabbed my bag and was just about to leave when   ….
'Wait doctor…'
'Yea karri what's up?'
'The 4 car accident victims ..did you finish managing them ?'
'Karri , they've just arrived .. I took their vitals and sent them for x-rays …none is critical, you can deal with them, I need to leave now the curfew is about to start ? '
'You are going home , I thought you are going to stay at the doctors' residency'
Great just great I thought NOW is the perfect time for chitchat!
'But you received them ,complete their treatment and then go '
I said nothing at this point but my face said it all
'Or maybe you can write down their treatment and all and I'll take it from there '
'Ok that I'll do '
but what I really wanna say was 'why on earth did you show up early then?!!'
12:00 am …
'good morning, sorry I'm late'
'its ok .. I know my daughter …you just can't leave before the very end of your shift .. I won't take you calls seriously any more'
'No,no dad ,not ma fault ..this idiot ,karri ,told me he gonna come early  and let me loose , he didn’t' 
Well that was not entirely true, but i was too tired to tell the exact story
Moral of today's shift : don’t count on karri no more!