Monday, July 11, 2011

Something is definitely wrong

'you didnt recognize me, did you ?'
I put down my stethoscope and tried to think harder…she looks like a doctor or a med student  so I took an educated guess ...
'I'm terribly sorry ..let me see we worked together… uhhh maybe in the internship ?'
'No ...we didn’t ' she wasn’t so nice when she said it I have no idea why !
'Ok '
'I knew you didn’t know me from the way you were talking…I'm Nibra we work together at …'some volunteer stuff
'Oh of course Nibra '
Nothing I said next made her feel any better .. not that I said much actually... 
And this was just 5 hours after the beginning of my duty … I was totally worn out ..headache, backache, stomachache  hungry, dehydrated …you name I had it ..I'm not always like that but I was terribly sick that day the last thing I needed is the nurse shouting…
Doc DOC DOC ..he stopped breathing '
'Come on give me a break… not now Hajji I cant do CPR now…I'm too tired'
30 minutes later …
'Announce the time of death ' this happened to be the head of the ER which happened to stick in the ER section I was running for the entire period of ma shift
'Me ?'
 it's not my bloody job… it’s the attending's … you know something by the time I was writing his death note   I wished it was mine…
'You look bit uncomfortable?' my senior just came back from his lunch break
Uncomfortable ? Nooo I'm fine'
No seriously leave…'
How sweet of him, letting me lose a whole 10 minutes before the end of my duty!
I'm so lucky don’t you think ?