Friday, June 1, 2012

Junior High reunion!

After all those years, I ran into one of my junior high friends in a beauty salon …she looks a bit different…
'Wow …look at you, you're …….big'
'Yeah, well ' she broke into a shy smile
'How far are you now?'
'I'm about to finish my seventh month…'
'And how is it so far?'
'Well, apart from the fact that it’s a girl  ...Everything is alright'
And we giggled a lot ….See, we Iraqis prefer baby boys…I believe it's something culturally ingrained within the Iraqi spirit
She had finished medical school too (not the one I went to) but the point is she is also a doctor...I think I'd heard about that but because we don’t have mutual friends we didn’t stay in touch ;)
'Cancer treatment are you serious?! You really want to specialize in that?' 
'Hmm well I mean I haven’t made my mind yet ' ok that's a lie but you would do the same if she looked at you the way she did  
'It's not too late…. you can change your residency training, pick something else'
'Yea I'll have to think about it inshalla ..So tell me what else has happened during those years still in contact with the gals?'  I was desperately trying to shift gears over here!
But before she could respond, she was called..It was her turn , she took off her scarf and a light tone of burgundy red is all over the place! and that's when I truly know that she hasn’t changed a bit ..I mean her hair was natural oak brown back at junior high but she was and still is bright in spirit :) and that’s when I realized how much I missed her !