Tuesday, October 14, 2014

There is no life before coffee

‘How is your research work going ?’
‘Nonexistent, I m finding it difficult to concentrate  …can we talk about something else please ! so .. I was listening to Tim Winter the other day and he mentioned the book of genesis, in it….Am I on speaker mom?’
‘What are you reading?!’
‘Hey dad …It’s quite interesting actually if you follow through till the end; I finally understood the divergence between Islam and Christianity when it comes to the story of Abraham. Unlike Quran , the book of genesis doesn’t look at Isaac and Ishmael the same way ….‘
‘Are you ok?’ he interrupted  , clearly not interested in my recent indulgence into inter-faith dialogues  ’ Listen I just want to tell you I wish I was your age ; I wish I m a student in London..GO OUT NOW ’ he shouted over the phone 

Maybe he thought I was getting suicidal  ‘Note to self ; spare the parents from any future theology stuff ..you will get a weird version of them otherwise‘   
Other than that ,being on speaker with the parents was quite entertaining actually, .....I could clearly hear my mom hushing my dad but he kept on talking/shouting enthusiastically probably as the phone was at a distance from him 
‘ I have a brilliant idea for you .. Why don't you check into a fancy hotel  on me ;  you’ll be definitely be inspired afterwards …’   

Inspired with what ! I didn’t know what to say to this … he sounded serious and was genuinely trying to help ''inspire'' me ..obviously to them , I needed a new source of  inspiration following the aftermath that they had caused me to go through ...Wait ...actually there should be an expiry date on blaming the parents for any adverse events happening in my life ..and I think I have passed that date long time ago  and ..I should really stop ranting ... ! just a thought !

 ‘Hmmm dad  ...that’s… the Ritz maybe… it will be ...interesting ‘
‘I have a better idea; why don’t you go to a fancy restaurant  ? No…. you don’t like that ..you love Starbucks …why don’t you go to zone one ..you know this lady writer ..I forgot her name ..she  wrote all her Harry Botter books  in a coffee shop !’
How did my mom come to know that ..She’d never read any of Harry Potter books and she absolutely dreaded all his films  ‘Its P-otter mom ; and I have boycotted Starbucks for 2 weeks now ‘
‘Oh dear me ; how are you living then ? ..why did you do that ?’
‘social responsibility , Child labor , mom , plus its openly supporting the war in the middle east ‘
‘But you can not live without Starbucks...!!’ 
That last statement is sadly true to a certain extent ! ‘ I don’t know mom its my third week and I'm telling you  its definitely not the best  timing to give up something  like coffee’  
‘Hmm try Costa then’  
Here we go, like this didn’t cross my mind !  ‘I don’t like Costa .. and the internet there is crap‘
‘Any other coffee shop?’
‘there are many , but ...I don't know.It just isn't the same '

‘Then don’t boycott Starbucks… your morning coffee will not start a war or aggravate the suffering of African children ‘ 
‘South Americans actually ….’   I started feeling guilty by then as she had obviously declared it her mission to find a solution to my coffee dilemma !
‘..tell you what ...buy only the small size coffee for now so you won't be supporting wars that much !  ‘ 
I found that real funny  ' No serious , boycott it next month  '
‘that's really funny ...' I love this woman  'you know mom , I shouldn’t have told you …’
‘hmm Why don’t you fly to Baghdad ?’
‘It was on my mind actually ..’ oops that was a trick question..’ I’ll go now mom…to Starbucks '