Friday, July 20, 2012

Series of unfortunate break ups

5 months ago 
'Care to explain ?'
'It was just something that everybody our age is doing nowadays '
'?! so it did happen ?'
'you are making a fuss out of nothing'
Of course  this is my side of the story , but I can assure you it wasn't nothing .. No gal I know would tie the knot with a guy who believes in the open relationships crap ....end of discussion .

3 months ago 

'I thought about us for a long time and I think it would be better if we end it now ...please I don't want to offer any explanations .. I prefer to keep my reasons to myself so please don't ask me why ...' and the letter keeps on this way , I was quite surprised to say the least !! a break up email ! Well  that's new one i did what he said though ... I didn't feel like I want to know the reason behind his sudden decision ...the guy is simply irrational ...the world turned out to be full of such people , I wonder why no one has ever warned me about that before
 I felt......hmmm nothing ! Maybe because the guy was a jerk ! I don't know!

3 days ago 

'I really think that we should talk more '
Yea well I really didn't think likewise ..there wasn't anything left to say...we aren't a match ..not even close ..the only reason  I didn't break up with him earlier was my parents .... I just couldn't cope with his egocentric  silly attitude  anymore 

Any regrets? No ...i do believe , it ended for the best to all of us