Friday, July 20, 2012

Baghdad International green zone

'Hello , can you hear me ? '
'Yes perfectly '
'I'm calling on behalf of the prime minister office ..we've already sent you an email ,this is just to confirm what is stated in that....'
'I've seen the email '
'Great , do you recognize the place from where we gonna pick you and the rest of the candidates '
'Not really ..the map attached wasn't easy to follow '
'Ok the place is exactly near a ......'

On the day of the interview

Just so you know ,This wasn't my first interview , after 2 interviews I was short listed together with a number of other doctors my surprise I couldn't recognize a single face ...all other candidates were!
'Mommmm !!!'
'What's wrong ? A blast ...'
'Relax nothing I'm alright ..its just that I think ..well this is just a different offer , I'm not sure..what shall I do?'

I finally did go with the rest to the green zone ...

'There is only one explanation doctor ...You have  submitted your application twice to both offers'

As a matter of fact I did '><'