Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A highly classifed birthday gift !

Hey there loyal readers from around the globe :)
hope you are all doing superb ;)
So it was my aunt's Birthday last weekend
I was quite excited about it partly because my mum was in the UK last week for an ultra short visit

and partly because of what I planned to do for my aunt for her birthday; one word ....drums please .....Botox !
I didnt know how much stigma my family associates with such treatment... my aunt was very happy about it but made it clear that I have to do it before my uncle comes home! 
I was genuinely peeved to learn that my mum had actually had it done before , mainly because I wasn't told :/ ok maybe I don't have the right to feel so but I still did
Anyway so my aunt and my mum are officially my first two clients since I got my botox license..isnt that funny ? :P
we had a good laugh , a delicious meal , they both liked what they got but most importantly my uncle knew nothing about it ;)

It made me think of the time when I ll be needing Botox ..I am already dreading it :P

Ok that is a bit of a random post really!but I m posting it anyway , you wont mind that right ?!