Thursday, October 3, 2013

Why am I not Polish !

Sometimes I honestly wish  I cant understand English!

You know when you’re sitting in a Starbucks so packed, trying to enjoy your coffee but whether you want it or not , you‘re doomed to hear other people’s conversations .. 

Well , the other day the couple next to me was literally fighting ! kid you not ..of course , no guy can win an argument with an angry lady so after 20 min or so , the man finally decided to leave I was so happy that for a second I was really tempted  it to stand on my chair and do the standard Arabic Hallelujah (not that I know how to -embarrassing- but its not that easy It needs well trained vocal cords :P)  have a quick look if you're interested ...and just to make things more exciting ,I  swear the coffee tasted funny that day ! awful day :/  maybe I should have stood on the chair ;)