Friday, April 8, 2011

Mission accomplished !

Dearest world (not that there are two worlds and ur the dearest!) ,
I'm supposed to be posting this on the 9th of April (that’s tomorrow) but since I have to work tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and the day after that! I decided to post it today …
On this date, 9 years back, in 2003, US marine tanks reached downtown Baghdad, raised the American flag in one of the main squares there …announced the collapse of the 35 years Iraq's ruler, Sadam Hussein…in the following days Baghdad became a war zone I mean literally a war zone … the clashes were between Iraqis and volunteer Arab fighters on one side and the US marines on the other…
 I'm posting this not to examine the pre and post war era , not to judge passive and dysfunctional Iraqis 'ok maybe a little judgment won't hurt :P' or to criminalize coalition troops …I'm posting this to share my memories of this unforgettable day…
My dad , who worked as a civil engineer  at the time, went missing….for the next week ,my mom ,brother and all what'd left of our relatives in Baghdad  looked everywhere for him from  friends' houses ,hospitals to  Jean Doe cemeteries but he was nowhere to be found …
With so many civilians being killed every day … my mom started to lose hope, my uncle wrote his  obituary and decided it was time to start preparing for the funeral …even my friends started sending their condolences (how rude of them I thought we weren’t sure yet I would tell them ).
I don’t know if I was in denial or I was genuinely coping well with all what had been surrounding me … but what I still can vividly remember is my outmost confidence that it was just a matter of time before he would come back home….
On the 8th day , someone gave us a letter …my mom instantly recognized the hand writing ,it was dad's …the letter was ultra short..... but he was alive that was all that mattered to all of us …it turned out that he'd been injured badly and taken away by the marines …2 days later he was released with a sorry note 'a reflection of good American manners,dont you think ?!?'

He was lucky ..we were lucky ...and I hope we'll continue to be lucky :)
lastly ...I'm counting on you so please dont let me down
a faithful citizen