Wednesday, April 6, 2011

'The audacity of hope'

It’s the title of a book I've just finished reading (by Barack Obama) few days back and to be honest, for somebody with zero knowledge about economy and politics, following its ideas wasn’t an easy task …I did appreciate the last chapter though …It was about family and although very American I kinda relate to it …anyways enough babbling about the book :P ….
You know the saying ' if you want something badly let it go ' well we kinda have something like it in Arabic…I always thought this is for losers …don’t get it twisted I respect  sayings and old wise people and all  but being passive is just not the way I am….
 I think it's time to change … my new motto is 'do whatever u can then let it go' just have hope that everything will take a turn for the best  .This whole theory is kinda new to me so let's see if it's going to work …I Hope !!
So, with the same cheerful spirit! , Hallulujah… thank you lord …thank you all, I'm letting it go …