Friday, April 15, 2011

My brother's mids aka my mids!

'Doda habibi lets skip this chapter it's not important…' I was so tired …and he was so slow
'Just shut up'
'I'm tellin ya hun this is not a high yield topic let's review adrenergic drugs first'
'You idiot I can't understand this, how can you expect me to get the next chapter and I even can't remember what we studied this morning'
'Of course u don’t, no one cram pharmacology for the night of the exam'
'yea yea but u gonna stay up with me right?'
'Yea …sure '  like I have another choice I mean staying up late at night studying pharma with him is definitely  far more entertaining than having to deal with mom crying like a baby if he fails the exam
'So shut up and lets continue'   that’s just my brother being himself - a perfect student, or what?!- gosh help me
Just so you know, in Iraq, putting kids through med or engineering schools is, for most middle class families, a life's mission … no matter how impossible the mission, and of course never minds what their kids want …and in that matter my family is no exception …
Nothing is impossible after all , all my mom has to do is making me feel guilty enough to take part in 'mission impossible' and I fell for it every time, every mids and every finals …but these mids are just so not well timed :(
anyways,hope this,too, shall pass !