Friday, August 19, 2011

An other summer day ..has come and gone away :)

'what do you mean you dont know when you're coming back ? what kinda program doesnt have a preset closure date ??'
'no no just listen its not a program I'm migrating'
'no way ,ur kidding right ?!'
'I'm not'
'yes you are'
'no I'm not'
'walla ' although my friend's Christian but walla is kinda universal here !!
'that's ...hmmmm thats great which state?'
he has three aunts and an uncle there
'listen we need to meet before I go'
'September , 7th'
'and you decided to tell me just now !!!'
'the IOM sent me the email yesterday I promise entire family applied 5 years ago I actually kinda forgot about it '
'I cant make it , wont be in Iraq'
then there was a pause, a rather long one for a mobile conversation :P
'you dont seem so excited by the way ?'
'you know my family is pushing me to go for it but I'm so worried ..I've already started something work and I'm leaving my master'
'get a master degree from Chicago you idiot '
'you know my parents told me that too, they're paying btw'
'of course man they have to'
we laughed alot at that... I actually pity Iraqi parents sometimes.. they're doomed with their children until death do them apart :P
'its the right move'
'yea it is.... but  life there will be difficult right? '
I couldn't say no because for him that's the truth.. his life in Iraq is so comfortable ..his parents held  influential positions at the government and with the way things are working here ,this means alot..
'but you're smart can do it'
'I'm leaving for good '
'and it is for your own good '