Saturday, August 27, 2011

there's nothing like a mama-hug !

Location: Medical ER
Time: 10 pm
A woman was staring at me from a distance …I saw  her by chance ,turned back to what I was doing then it clicked …..what the heck?! Is that my Mom?!!  Why is she in the ER !..for a second ,countless thoughts  crossed my mind but then I looked at her closely….she was  smiling at me … her looks gave me reassurance, after all if something bad had happened she wouldn’t be letting me  finish managing the case I was handling.
'What are you doing here?'
'I brought you Suhur '
'Seriously mom I'm not exactly in the desert you know'
'Have you had Iftar ?'
'Are you serious? Did you come to ask me if I had eaten or not?'
'I'm so worried about you …'
'Doctor the result s..'
'Let me see, we are going to cover anti- ischemic for her and repeat the ECG half an hour later ' I said that to the patient's husband
'What does that mean?'
Of course he didn’t understand …I usually explain things in layperson's terms but I was so distracted by my mom, I couldn’t work!
'Ok I'm sorry… it means not enough blood is reaching her heart muscle and we gonna give her medicine and see what happens'
then I turned back to her 'Umm mom, are you alone?'
'Are you her mother?'  Guess what that was the patient's relative again.. 'She had treated my dad too…you have an excellent daughter. God bless her'
It was getting so awkward at this point … and I really had to go back to work
'Did you come by yourself?'
'No your dad is waiting outside  ...are you coming tonight?'
'NO…hunny, I'm not a kid anymore mom please…'
'Ok ok I'm leaving  ...'