Thursday, August 25, 2011

A very democratic chit chat!

'I can't understand… why not? Come on mom, You can't do that to me'
'Please mom'
'I said NO…I won't host this French friend of yours in my house'
'She's so cute'
'And I bet she's so French too'
'You know I never thought you gonna say something like that'
'Its Baghdad darling wake up ..we gonna get ourselves  killed if we host her '
'What if ..what if we hide her ,please mom its gonna be an awesome experience'
'But then you're busy all the time ,you can't host her even if I say its ok'
'Don’t worry I'll manage '  
'You are as idiot as your friend … I don’t know anyone in her right mind who would  leave Paris and spend her summer here in Baghdad  '
'She works as a human right …'
'I don’t care ..human right …waste of time...That only adds to her stupidity ..listen it’s a NO and that’s final '
I haven't given up completely yet.My dad is next ,he's an easier target :P I should've tried with him first ...but my hand is full with something else right now ..I'll let you know what's gonna happen next :)