Sunday, August 14, 2011

He is a She

No matter how much I try , I dont think that I can put my feelings into words ..yes he doesn't have a girlfriend, yes he is a weirdo but I always thought that maybe he thinks he's still too young to be committed or something I dont know... I never actually linger on these thoughts  .. you might say so what?well,this is me we're talking about ...I find it really hard to digest let alone react appropriately to ...
I treat homos,  I dont befriend with them or at least that's what I used to think ..I felt so sick when he told me , I still do actually,thanks Allah I managed to hide it from him ... I'm so sorry for him ...he's so depressed and wants my help ...MY HELP!!?? I'm a doctor yes but not a psychiatrist I cant help him or should I say her..I'm totally overwhelmed ,tired and exhausted, working alot and studying too ..I have my own troubles ..for god sake ,out of all his friends why on earth did he choose to tell me?!! I can't take care of other people's problems ...not now