Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Last Lunch

Ramadan - Hospital Restaurant ;lunch time ; with le colleague

'I'm really sorry . I can come across as rude sometimes .I guess what I meant is simply that you have left your home country years ago and you are ..well you are basically an Italian now that was where you studied medicine and practised before coming here ..'

'Don't worry I'm only joking ...you're right .I am an Italian .. I'm just saying what had been told to you is not exactly true .'

'But things can change in twenty years,don't you think ? '

'Not that. Christians are the same everywhere...I went to a Catholic high school there and ..'

 Oh dear not another Carl story ! 'Oh really , so were all my aunts not there obviously ..back in Baghdad' I didn't want to argue further .I thought I've already done enough in terms of limiting my chances of getting a good reference from him .So I decided to shut up .
On a separate note, It was very entertaining watching Carl  talk about his teen years. His eyes lit up when he started telling stories about his school .He reminded me abit of my father . Anyways ,few minutes later , I just couldn't curb what was going in my head anymore. But to be honest looking back at that afternoon I probably shouldn't have gone further. It was not the most appropriate discussion for the hospital canteen . But I did !

'So you're telling me that no Christian; absolutely no one, is still doing this back home now or in the past?  '

He stared at me ..looked slightly unsure of what to say next ,maybe a bit confused , possibly surprised I couldn't really decrypt his face ...and just when he was about to say something , I saw (something) from a distance..
Oh what the h#^$?!..I really wanted to hear what Carl had to say 'this time!' .

'Hello hello hello .. ' here he came , the bundle of joy ; Sham , with his fish&chips+CURRY  lunch tray ( yes people you read it right !) I have nothing against him but he tends to appear when he's least wanted.
He put his tray down , grabbed a chair from the table next to ours and sat down.

'Heys, lunch time! ...you know coming down the restaurant when one's fasting isn't  the most brilliant idea'   better be nice I thought plus it's Ramadan spirit !

'Oh you're fasting .Why are you down here then?'  That's Sham for you ! I didn't say that of course  'Well Carl was telling me all about FIFA ,Germany , Argentina and why his team's left the world cup so early ' I said
'Nigeria ?' he inquired
'Cameroon ; alright listen I know you're not fasting but me and my friends  are breaking the fast in Clay Oven tomorrow night would you like to come ?'
'I'm on call '
'Great ' shoot..I said it out loud  !
'I can't believe you said that '
neither was I gosh!
' Carl you have to come '
'I will '
'see you then '
'D remember it's like the world cup'
Because we'd chatted quite a bit .I had no idea what Carl  was referring to by that but yea what the heck ' Sure '

What happened next ?! well, I was too sick to go out that night and I still don't know what Carl wanted to say on that day. I totally believe that Sham has jinxed it all . Hope he won't be reading this !

Happy Eid to all who's celebrating it ! May this earth be guided to be more humane , peaceful and loving . And until next time, you keep smiling best friends :)