Thursday, July 10, 2014

Tie it and trust

Nomads were asked to tie their camels up with robs and then trust in God that their animals won't be mugged/lost .They can't just leave them loose trusting that  God would somehow protect them your bit and trust that He'll do his that's what Mohammed of Arabia -saws- said .That's how it works .Its easier said than done though even you believe .Sometimes I can't help but be in utter despair ...So tie it and trust world ..Tie it and trust !

' Stop crying please ,stop it will you ?'
I was sobbing like mad-and still am !-
'You don't know what's best for you..this might be the best thing that ever happened to you . When things doesn't happen the way you want them to happen .....   '
'I don't feel alright mom...I'm tired and sick..I can t even breath   '

'And if you continue to cry like this, you'll be more tired and you'll have a terrible headache. you've got 48 hours now focus on what's urgent..I ll tell you a story....'
She went on and on about some demonstration in a car park  she and my dad had witnessed the other day in Amman , she talked about  how difficult it was to dodge the demonstrators  and how they thought probably it wasn't a good idea after all to settle in Jordan ( a bit too late given the fact that they've bought a place there already!) .

Now what was that got to do with what I was crying my heart out about .No idea !
'Are you better ?' she asked ...  Well I had stopped crying at that point mainly to try and understand why Palestinian refugees would want to create troubles in Jordan, a country that  welcomed them in and made them part of it. This is the only freaking stable country in the region for heaven's sake , leave it alone !
'Yes I think I am '  I was not
'Don't cry for anyone or anything ..ok ? Pray for guidance ' and guess what she just hang up ..Okay well thanks mom I love you too x