Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Time for a break

Anyone who knows me  knows I enjoy reading ...Recently I've got a kindle 4 which to me meant simply I can carry as many books as I want where I want ..Just the thought of that made feel overwhelmingly joyful ....OK that's a bit crossing the line here but its how I am like!

This is my first kindle and the reason why I didn't think of getting one in the past was my sister's kindle ! She got hers 5 years ago .It was the first generation kindle,a properly retarded gadget so I have never given it a thought until lately...Well that's a lie it was a birthday present but nevertheless once I started playing with it ..I knew it was a thing for me ..

Anyways , this morning I was checking my bank statement .Amazon has charged me abit more than a 100 USD last week .Bewildered about what it was for ; I went in to check my Amazon account and here it is Amazon prime membership ..what ?! why ! I haven't asked for it ..Maybe I did ..I can't remember ..You cant forget something like this though... I mean especially if you have allegedly done it last week..I later realised that I was charged for membership automatically after a free month trial without even being asked first...I was a bit peeved initially to tell you the truth but then I just decided not to make a fuss about it and make full use of  my prime membership which includes drums please  ..... :P

First - 15 000+ free access to block buster movies and popular TV series .. which is awesome news right !? if you're into movies but I am a book person ..never mind I better start watching  movies NOW!

Second -Kindle prime offer.. which is basically a lending scheme for books exclusive for kindle device owners and you could also get a sample to read first  ..OMG that's awesome ..Being a click a way from any book didn't prove to be very healthy for my bank account ..This can potentially save me a lot of money.I was exuberantly happy.. I jumped out of my chair and grabbed my kindle from the table next to my bed ..turned it on and ...guess what's time for a break !

Before and after ! That's not my kindle by the way , mine is much worse ! My camera isn't syncing otherwise I would have uploaded a very nice photo of it!

Third  - Does it even matter ?! 

The interesting thing  it's not even a big deal but as an Arab would tell you it was the 'Straw that broke the camel's back ' 

You stay awesome lovely readers and stay tuned ! I have lots more coming up ..less mundane than this entry I promise :)
Keep smiling :)