Wednesday, July 2, 2014


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To: PasTest Enquiries
Subject: access problem

Dear Pastest IT team ,

I m writing in regards to access problems related to my account .
So It's my day off today .I've decided to spend it revising using pastest website. To  avoid distractions I left my mobile back home and headed to the library to study and here I am in the library unable to
log in (and without my phone to declare my annoyance !).
I have used pastest with my MRCP 1 , 2 and now paces ..its always been the same problem as I only study in libraries and that does mean that I tend to use public computers and apparently you people don't like it !
Please kindly reset my access asap . Please kindly email me back if its
not possible to be done it today .

The story ends happily as it didn't take them long to fix it ! and you know what they say , don't ever sleep if you are angry ; stay up and plan your revenge !
lots of love to you my loyal readers
P.S. if you're reading this , pls don't mind the pic dad you and Ramadan Kareem and oh yea I m not coming this week..Pray for me xx