Sunday, February 13, 2011

Egypt awakes to a new dawn and era

It has taken 30 years for the storm surge to break over Egypt, but when it finally did the voices of change proved so powerful, sweeping away Mubarak in just 18 days of peaceful street protests.
I've been fortunate enough  to stay in touch with quite a few young Egyptian activists during the protests … a couple of them stayed in the streets for days, holding placards and chanting slogans demanding  the 'removal of the regime'…..
I was skyping with one of them on the 16th  day of the revolution... the guy, 25 year old dentist, who was camping with his colleagues and a couple of university students in Tahrir square, he was so determined to keep on doing it until 'the people get the quality of  life they deserve' … 'where is all that power coming from?' I thought but never shared my question with him! because I know he would say 'years of oppression or an equivalent statement '  which probably would make sense if he was talking to his buddies from Europe not me! At least that what I wanted to believe otherwise agreeing to that  would make Iraqis even more stupid and chickens 'at least in my eyes' I mean how come my people agree to live in low standards for decades  under an oppressive regime and when they finally decided that they had enough ..they call upon Americans to  …well to mess with their country and just makes things worse ….just thinking that way was frustrating
The net connection was slow 'on both ends' and finally it disconnected… but for me I saw enough….
This 'people revolution'  gives me hope ,makes me more optimist ,makes proud of being an Arab…
However , being an Iraqi who'd lived her entire life in a 'war zone', it also concerns me; the next six months will be a testing time for all Egyptians  as the country will be under military power .
May god protect us all…