Sunday, February 27, 2011

Post Duty Syndrome

I've spent 3 days in a row at the hospital. The long hours at work had totally worn me out …when I finally got home yesterday, I did nothing but sleeping …. Although I promised myself that I will make it a habit to read before I go to sleep but the moment I got to bed that night I turned off the light and welcomed the languid slide of unconsciousness …
The next morning I woke up at the sound of muezzin but couldn’t really get up…I was still so tired, every inch of my body aches - up until now -so I went to sleep again …
'Wake up Danu  ...'
'Mom I'm so tired'
'Its 4 pm if I knew that you would be sleeping all day, I would've never left you the car ....I told you to go and check on your grandma … she's still sick  ... my guess is you haven’t call her either …'
And before I even have the chance to stand for myself
'You know you should start rearranging your schedule for …..'
'Ok, ok I'm fully awake now'
I prayed and went back to sleep again. Then my sister woke me up 2 hours later, so I thought maybe I can go online for a while but after deactivating my Facebook account ,well there's not so much left that  kills time as effectively .  So after I post this, I will go to sleep once again …hopefully tomorrow I'll get up early and start doing what not-dead people do besides breathing.