Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pardon Monsieur …

It was Tuesday , my French class day  … I know,I know some of you might be thinking what does French have to do with an Iraqi doctor; living in Baghdad with no plans to visit Paris anytime soon ?
Well to be honest …I have no clue!!  I like languages that’s something I know but why French in particular? Your guess is as good as mine!
If the roads aren’t blocked, it usually takes me about 45 min max to get there; but that Tuesday; unfortunately many were temporary blocked. Then I had to wait for about  30 min for a 'VIP cars to pass'…it was 3:00 pm and guess what my class starts at 3:00 …uhhh
I spent 90 min behind the wheel to get to my French class….. only to know it has been canceled
'Monsieur Hassan, why didn’t you inform me'
Well …. I 've just cancelled it because no one could make it to the institute . Check points are double checking these days and its taking people ages to get through….blabla'
'Cr*p'  I thought  ' traffic has been horrible in Baghdad for years now … we are used to being late …in fact , everybody is always late , what on earth has changed to make the entire class absent today?'
Of course that was me thinking what I said was  ' oh yeah, entirely true'
What I said to him wasn’t a lie but It's no surprise actually… if you are anywhere in Baghdad running late because of check points of the army, interior forces and other forces I can only tell apart by the different shades of green they're wearing and oh yea did I ever mention how useless they are …
Here's a scene from that same fine day!
'Pull over; we have orders to search all BMWs with a lady driving ! ' he said it with such a grin on his face like he'd just won a lottery or something
I wore a poker face but that didn’t cut it
… 3-4min later
'You can go now' and he was looking in all the wrong directions

Moral of today ' le francais ce n'est pas pour moi'