Saturday, February 19, 2011

Has everyone gone completely mad or is it just my family?!

'You are not going' she said it as it’s a confirmed statement
'Its not fair mom I wanna be part of it'
'Darling demonstrations in Baghdad !!! like we need more instability! My daughter is so not going'
'Gosh it's not just for me mom… this is for the whole country our solidarity is going to work …come on'
'Protesting is not for you it's meant for jobless people …you have work !'
'Come on …you know it's not only about that '
She didn’t have much to say back but the answer was still NO
'I gonna tell dad'
'He won't agree'
And he didn’t indeed
'Fine then I 'm taking double shifts at the emergency on the 25th  feb'
'Isn’t it your day off?'
'I'm taking double shifts… that's the least you guys can do for me? Think about it… there is a good chance that its going to be a blood bath'
'So you know …listen this country had collapsed totally long time ago…you won't be able change a thing'
At this point I just realized that it'd have probably worked better if I was talking to a wall! I totally gave up on them ….
But, to my surprise, later that day…..
'Hey mom'
'Listen we thought  about it and you can take double shifts  on the 25th but take good care of yourself ,promise?'…
'I will'
 I honestly don’t know when they gonna start seeing me as an adult! I mean people trust me with their own lives …the only guys who don’t is my own parents!