Monday, March 21, 2011

A Blast Free Month

Finally no more blasts for me  ..not because a miracle happened and they actually stopped but I was transfered to the GYN/OB department ; all about pregnant ladies and delivaries ...I'm still in the emergency section but its kinda different here a good way ; up till now :)

'how old are you ?'
'can you please relax ,lady, n let me examine you'
'you  look too young for a doctor you're born in which year?'  she is not gonna give up that easy I thought

'dont worry I'm old enough to know whats wrong with you'

'you know doc , let me tell you something ,  dont you ever have children birth is just beyond horrible'

'thats a really interesting advice' I was trying to be as supportive and reassuring as I could but I think it gave the wrong msg ...for the next 10 min she kept on talking non stop !! which I would've taken fairly ok only if it wasnt my 9th hour in the ER  ' 9 hours straight' and I had tons of work ..she was not my only patient !!

'you know what.. I think I won't have any afterall '
' good really good '
ah finally she stopped talking I should've said that from the start !