Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Go ladies go …allez allez allez !

It’s the 8th of March, the international woman's day. I woke up at 2 am to fine tune my speech, and send some last min emails .All nighter is my way of working things out..and guess what it works every time ilhamdullaJ
'Good job with the panel'
'Thanks…We could've done better you know if we had more time'  I replied
'The UN stepped in the last few days that’s why things were not fully organized with the other parties.so tell me what do you think about working with us?'
'I'm already volunteering in….' but she didn’t let me finish
'No I meant a job not volunteer work…would you give up medicine for it ?'
'Uhhhh …I don’t think I have to choose at this point .. I'm doing well with both'
'So you would take a job if offered to you ?'
'Right… yea sure …I'd love to (ok that’s when I went too far !)…as long as its youth related'
I wasn’t fully honest with the lady …I'm not sure why didn’t I just say what I really thought…I've already given up a lot for the sake of  medicine  and I wont  give it up anytime soon…..anyways
It was 2 pm now 'I still can catch my French class …superb' I thought
'Bonjouuur , ca va ?' said my tutor with an extreme niceness!
'Ca va bien et toi?'
'You know that we don’t have a class today'
Gosh not again
'We did send you a notification email 3 hours ago'
3 hours  ? Seriously but to be honest 3 hours is enough in the Iraqi standard .last min changes and clumsiness are way too familiar when you deal with my people…
'You know its IWD …happy anniversary by the way and we're cutting the ribbon for an art gallery of Iraqi female artists… its about time now …have an idea …why don’t  you join us ?'
'Don’t you have a guest list?' I asked
'Never mind it '
….2 hours later
'Mom I'm at the hospital I'll have to call you later ok'
'Wait your bro passed his finals'
'Really great news'
'Thanks a lot ' she said
'Listen you tell him that he's on his own this semester , he should start attending lectures .I don’t have time to be his private tutor'
'I have to go mom seriously I'm busy …byes'
What a day ! Happy anniversary ladies J