Wednesday, March 30, 2011

welcome to heaven

After a long day at the hospital ,and in a cruel attack as devastating as it was efficient, a bomb unleashed in his car yesterday afternoon  just as he stepped in  it ….
Name: Mohammed Alwan
Sex: male
Age: 47
Profession: surgeon at x hospital (the one I'm workin in )
Chief complaint: dead on arrival
There's nothing unusual about the whole scene ….well except it's been awhile since I can say that a person  I really  know has been killed this way ,his daughter is my sister's best friend. And  being  final year med students they are studyin at our home most of the time and when she is not at our home then my sis must be at theirs! …I have lots of memory with this family …..The whole hospital was in black today (not because it’s a custom here, it's not) but he was simply an active caring doctor and people here really feel the loss...May Allah bless his soul
There nothing else I want to say actually, blogging about it was a good idea …I finally stopped crying J