Thursday, March 24, 2011

Uncertain Future !

'Why don’t you just leave the country?'
Is he seriously saying that, am I hearing that right!? …'Ahh, leave?!!! Where to?'  That’s the only thing I managed to say at that point
My bewilderment was all over the place, so he added quickly 'Young lady, have you ever thought of studying and working abroad?'
This was the dean of the medical college I graduated from in an interview I had few weeks back. He's been in his post since last year – after some political/ethnic battles –
You know, if anyone else had said it, it won't be a big deal but it was the dean of the university for god sake!
'I don’t want to leave; I wanna study and work here in Baghdad... I was one of your top students and according to the current regulations of the ministry of higher education MHE I have the right to…..  '
'Ok ok you wont give up, will you? Here's the thing I don’t care about  what the MHE has to say..…'
Seriously!! What! What kinda dean is that?
He went on saying '…the uni won't accept new entries for the next 3 years (aka his years at office)'
'But... I mean I was assigned by the ministry all I need is your agreement'
'And you're not gonna get that' …this just …this crashed me, crashed me hard
'I'm telling you, we don’t have any offers'
'Even for the top 5%'
So he said affirmatively' Even for the top 5%'
I would totally buy that if I didn’t know that out of 54 med graduates last year, only 3 places were to be filled (nothing unusual about such highly competitive posts)…the weird thing however is that no.54 and no.50 got assigned and I know those people personally and I wish them all best, they are my colleagues after all …but they just not good enough and by that I don’t only  mean scientifically ….anyways
'What can I say thank you for your time'
'Think about it …UK is a great place to start'
'?!!??'I was literally speechless
According to the UN, Iraq is ranked 2 in governmental corruption (only after Somalia which means my country is no.1 because, well, Somalia is not even a country! not yet at least)
S**t, I know why ….it's my d**m surname ….  so now what ! change my surname ?or just leave the d**m place? But I didn’t leave even when things were escalating in a monumental scale  …. I don’t know …..for a while  this was the only thing I was thinking about…anyways I 'm not willing to give up Baghdad , not yet at least