Monday, August 26, 2013

Ahmad the Jew

'He can't be' she sounded so sure about it

'why not?'

'Because Jewish people don't call their sons Ahmad'

'I know a Christian named Omar'

'Are you sure he was wearing the Jewish head cap? '

'well I suppose I saw it ,  let me tell you the story from the start so he did mention that he saw Dr.Ahmad at the meeting  last week and ...'

'then you must  have mixed his name with your colleague's name'

'I AM  pretty sure he said his name was Ahmad and he has met Ahmad last week' I said that rather assertively though at this point I started to doubt myself..  then I added 'So he said he was originally from Iraq but has left like 16 years ago , did his medical school in the UK and it is his first month as a qualified doctor ..and you wont believe it.. he can actually speak Iraqi Arabic'

'he must be a Muslim then , Jews had left Iraq since the seventies '

'what about the head cap then ?!'

'He definitely wasn't wearing one' mum concluded

'hmm I don't know maybe he is a Muslim who just feeling cold then'  :giggle

'dear check your eye sight asap !'
we were both laughing at this point ...
'OK then I have to go now,speak soon mum'