Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Halal Food

‘Kosh.. What?’
‘Kosher food.’
‘What’s that?’
‘Jewish food’
At this point I’m thinking don’t Jewish people eat like the rest of us …what do they eat then? Bloody hell! What do they eat?  maybe ..... 
Sugar, how could I even consider that for a fraction of a second? I am just as racist as the rest of this world…its amazing how easily you can slip in this ugly profiling game ... my mind started to panic for no apparent reason .And if you know me , you won’t be surprised if I tell you that they kind of realized what I was thinking ..Of course, they would … It was written all over my face.
‘See it’s like Halal food for Muslims. It’s the sort of food that Jewish people are allowed to eat.’ said reassuringly 
‘Ah, alright  ...’ wait isn’t this guy Muslim?! Why is he eating Jewish Halal!? ….but I didn’t ask really. Its none of my business… maybe Jewish cuisine is interesting… I don’t know …I just decided to end this awkward conversation at this point ... I m too uncool to know what Kosher food is and my cooking skills are only slightly better than that of flying an airplane.

To be fair , when roaming  the streets of London , I have come across quite few cafés and restaurants including major chains that advertised selling Halal food but never once this kosher thing .. Maybe that’s because you can only find what you are looking for …