Friday, August 2, 2013

Arab Spring - Iraqi Version !

Tahrir Square -Baghdad -Iraq (I reckon it was taken in the 90s) 
 So the date was set , Friday 2nd August 2013 , the last Friday of Ramadan ,  Iraqi youth is no longer going to stay silent  # Iraq revolting  was the name chosen for the day in social media networks .The young activists organised the entire thing online and though many people were apprehended giving the fragile , tense security situation in Baghdad right now . It was decided that to put up with corruption , oppression and dictatorship is no longer an option  .
Time was set , right after Morning prayers
Place : Tahrir square , Baghdad
so its happening right now as I am typing this . I only know two people who are taking part of it , guess what ?! both of them got arrested earlier this morning .The government ,in my opinion, is freaking out .It can not even tolerate peaceful demonstrations ... Its a bit frustrating to be honest .

Earlier this morning , I was talking to a lady doctor who used to supervise my youth volunteer work back in Baghdad and she is so against all this . To be honest, I can not blame her and anyone whether they are pro and anti demonstrations , the situation in Baghdad is so tense at the moment .800 people were killed last month only ,3000 since April 2013 with civilian majority ! mainly because of the upcoming election . The people in Power want to stay in power and rivalry among different parties has reached its momentum . Add to this the Islamic insurgency groups .Baghdad is literally falling apart this Ramadan . May god's peace and mercy be with my family(or whats left of them) and all the families around the world who lack basic security rights .
Tahrir square -Baghdad February 2012 - in line with the Arab spring