Friday, August 16, 2013

Happy B-day to the new mummy :)

My sister's B-day is this weekend .She, her husband and her few weeks old baby live in Sheffield at the moment . Most likely we will both change addresses by November. I am all hopes that the distance between us will always be doable !

I haven't seen her since the delivery , almost 9 weeks now . And to be honest , travelling to Sheffield would've been less likely if I didn't have a training course in Manchester on the same weekend .
But my legs are much better now (broken at the beginning of Ramadan :D) , still limping but yeah they are doing really fine considering all the travelling I 'm doing this month !

I am typing this whilst still at Baghdad international airport ! I might be off for a while as I am preparing for an exam sometime next month ..wish me luck :)
Hope she will find those vitamin E creams useful ! here's my little secret.... I am not sure I would've bought the set if it was not on offer ! ;)

Ali , the newest member of our family ; I am an auntie now :)
feeling old :P

Clumsiness must be running in the family , same week I broke my leg
my brother fell off the trampoline broke 3 ribs :P the poor thing can't laugh anymore ;)