Saturday, August 10, 2013

The story of this Eid !

Happy Eid everyone !

So out of 4994 questions to cover for my test , I m  done with only 200. My exam is at the beginning of next month !
Why ?! It wasn't very relevant at this point so for the Eid, I m on leave, my legs are hurt so no travelling and  I was planning to do some serious catch up cramming ...perfect plan Right !
here is what happened

le me in London
A mere one hour into my plan and ...
an unexpected call 'Come to Baghdad now'

 I seriously didnt believe they want me to come only cos' they miss me !'

 booked the next available flight to Baghdad 'same evening'  

bought my grandpa his fav chocolate packed it with my laptop , some underwear and hit the airport !

I was still fasting , last day of Ramadan I thought , I can do it ..In retrospect , I should 've  broken it .Fasting while travelling, dont do it ! an unnecessary hardship

 Baghdad ,crystal clear sky ,43 Celius
The heat is good for the healing of my legs ( at least that's what I want to believe)!and  nothing ,I was busy worrying about my entire journey instead of revising for the test, was true ..It turned out , they truly just miss me ! Great 
wish me luck people I need it !
cheers :D