Monday, June 30, 2014

sisters on the run ! (not really)

'So I took the metro and went alone to Dubai Mall..going with le parents to their business thingy didn't sound like a very attractive option' said sister no.1(I have more than one!)  over the phone

'Fair enough ' she's always thought  I can be abit  too brief when gossiping and I was certainly not working on brushing up my image that day  !
'You know I thought about you ..I mean I was there shopping in DUBAI but  being alone it felt abit ...I don't know how you do it .. I just didn't like being on my own even in Dubai'

she has certainly picked the wrong day to tell me this ....To tell you the truth , it is not nonsense but I'm usually genuinely quite alright  with it... not that day though ...

Earlier that evening ;
'Sorry I missed your call ' sister no.2 (this number refers to the order of their appearance in this entry nothing more 'or less' ;)) over the phone 
'I know we keep missing each other are you ? And how is the little one ?'
'All ok ..We are moving to a 2 bedroom flat this August '
I was uber excited to hear that .. I find her current flat quite cosy but its bit small ..
'It's about time ..listen I m really depressed I can't stand London these days'
'You know I feel quite down myself  that's why I was calling you  '
'Okay... hmmm...I don't think that's helping ' We both laughed ! 
'So what's we gonna do? Are you coming to my aunts' this weekend ?' She asked
'Nope ..'
'Why? you know I think its gonna be great and Jess is coming from Canada ..I don't think she is staying for might not get the chance to see her again'
'I know ,I am planning to see her in London before she flies to Europe'
'But you told auntie that you are coming '
'I did ...I thought I will ,to be honest I am not quite sure now I think I need to work this weekend..But maybe I ll come over to you sometime this week'
'Brilliant , I can book extra sessions for little Ali in the nursery so we can study quietly in the university library '
'Sounds like a plan .. I'll let you know' 
'You know you always say that then don't actually come '
'I'll let you know with plenty of notice this time .... I promise'
 It turned out she knew me too well... I didn't actually go !
lots of love to you sis and Ramadan Kareem :) xx