Monday, June 23, 2014

Accident and Emergency Resus

'So this is where all the nasty things happen ' Announced a patient with a shoulder dislocation as she was wheeled down Resus for reduction under anaesthesia ..
'Don't you worry lovely, nothing nasty will happen to you ' said the health care assistant as she was handing the patient over to the resus staff ..

It was around 5 PM ; I have been in resus with a patient with a bad chest for abit more than an hour now that point I was left only with the tedious documentation stuff and in all honesty I couldn't wait for my shift to be over ... Partly 'cos up until the surgeons brought in their patient ; the resus was completely empty was only me and my patient with the staff (2 nurses and one a health care assistant ). I think I prefer to work around others !.

I was having a discussion with the patient's family when one of them nurses asked me to come over to the nurses' station.
'Okay ... what is that ? ' I was mentally saying to myself "be nice,be nice to them ...I need those bloods taken for my patient"
'I don't know '
'How do you wear it ?'
'I think it's one piece '
'OMG it's £75 '
'I know.. the bra is separate '
'Click on it '
'How much?'
' another £75 '
'It's so....brief '
'It's quite sexy though'
'You know this is probably the most expensive underwear brand in the UK'
'It's a promotion doc ..and I think it's worth it '
'So how much was it before the promotion ? '
'I'm not too sure but you get a discount for a double room in the hotel I told you bout '
'Is that the one ...oh so its included '

God I couldn't help but thinking ; are those women serious ! Why checking Agent Provocateur  promotion in Resus! .. its past 5 PM I still have to hand over few things to the Registrar.But I need those tests first..

'So is a man included  in the promotion ?'
'You want men to wear this '
'Why not ?'
Ok now it's officially weird
'I meant AP is going to take care of what you wear , and where , maybe you getta a guy with this promotion '
They laughed OUT LOUD ..really loud .. I was slightly annoyed ..its resus after all .. I was officially fed up
'Ladies ..'  I was quite assertive and  they understood .. 'theophylline level for my patient please '
'On it doc '
wait ....this is magic! I can't remember the last time a nurse has done what I said before arguing with me and everything else.. I guess making them laugh wasn't a bad idea after all....