Friday, June 20, 2014

Proper Randomness

'Of course you can not focus on your upcoming exams , you're too busy MI5ing who is going to kill me ' she blurted

'Well sorry about that'....''I don't have a spare mom woman''  is the only thing that came up my head , I didn't say it though  'So what's the plan ? when are you going to leave Baghdad ?..I think...'

'I tell you what I think ' interrupting me in her usual sarcastic , serene , caring and assertive voice '' all the same time'' your next exam is your passport to success wasted enough time bloody cycling from London to Brighton and ...'

(Note to reader ; it was a fundraising event for research ; didn't exactly train for it but it went as well as well can go without proper training !) 

'It wasn't a waste of time and can we please try not to change the subject, the threat is genuine is eminent this time and it is personal as well ..make the leap mom and I am sure dad will follow ..shut down your businesses,leave Baghdad and go somewhere safer '

'It's been a week since the bike ride ' she said ' You're still not feeling ok all because of 100 km cycling ' was her reply ..not quite relevant I must say but I know she genuinely listened this time it was 113 km and cycling wasn't the only reason why I don't feel 'okay' but didn't volunteer that information...we were already talking about too many things all at the same time that throwing yet another potentially controversial debate didn't seem very tempting to me.

'it is the weather ' I reiterate 

'if you say so , I need to go back to work now , you take care .. pray on time '

'think about it lovely '

We hardly ever end our conversations by a civilized 'good-bye '  she normally just hang up! simple ! the disturbing thing is I think I m the same !