Friday, June 20, 2014

I had the blues but I shook them loose !

my lovely Italian colleagues, they here in this particular blog because they are doctors from ITALY and yeah that's all !
A doctor can not treat him/herself in seems pretty natural to everyone , everyone except me ! ..So basically, you can not prescribe to your friends and family...and you certainly can not prescribe to yourself ..not very handy innit ?

I am not  too keen on going to the doctors' especially when I know what's going on with me just doesn't seem fair..I know its not very logical but between home remedies and medication from overseas, ever since I've come to the UK I seem to get away with that ..not this time though :P

I am having a chest infection and because I didn't want to go to my GP 'n   can't prescribe antibiotics to myself , I didn't take anything for it .Now , its not only getting worse , but my heart is fluttering - not uncommon with chest infections - and I am telling you this racing heart business is not very pleasant ..

The trouble is I'm too sick to do anything useful but still don't  want to go to the GP... I wont work this weekend and it doesn't seem that I can study either...

On a separate note , I thought I share this video with you .I have actually shared it before...its a motivational video for athletes , not that I am one :P but I've listened to it quite few times before my charity bike ride (will blog about that at some point inshalla) its truly uplifting ..enjoy!