Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Found Things

Out of curiosity sometimes , necessity most the time here are some of the things I found / found out about last week :

1- My visa card .. lost and found last week

2- It took me 2 years before I realised that my mid day Costa tea has got espresso,  black pepper , orange peels , cloves , cream and cardamon .. I have never liked it and now I know why !

3- I resigned myself to the fact that the rest of this year is not going to be easy to say the least and no its not  England in the world cup I'm talking about  ..

4- There's nothing wrong with my memory .. There are actually 2 other people living  in my flat (not one who likes to change hair colour) ... That's a relief as I was truly confused !

5- London is not an awful place to live in after all

6 - I like coconut

7- Seeing a Panda has officially made it to my wish list...

8- Starbucks is overrated .. I never thought I'd say that ! Probably all caffeine I m getting is causing me abit of trouble...

9- If you are a student in the UK , you can easily get away with something like 'I feel home sick ' to get a sick leave ! Try also "emotionally unstable"/"mentally tired" /"heartaches "and "worry about some issues" (no need to specify)... They all work I think !

10- If Passenger  can succeed , so can I..seriously if you were to make it in entertainment business you have to have the voice and the looks or one of them at least ! ..no offence to fans . I like this one though :p