Friday, June 20, 2014

Empty your mind (and pockets) with Rush hair !

'Can I get a lady to do it for me ?'
'Sure , would you like a private space?'
'yes please , thanks '
'I am afraid , our female stylists are fully booked this afternoon,would you like to book an appointment on another date ?'
'if I book tomorrow will I still get the discount ?'
'its only on Wednesdays I am afraid'
'next Wednesday then ?'
'All booked in for you '
happy happy happy :)

What a perfect mood lifting experience it would be I thought ...And I was right :) I think Rush is a exquisitely elegant hair salon with a very inviting staff. I had a quick chat with one of the girls and I felt everything was  tailored to me.To be honest ,a trip to the hair salon has always been my ultimate way to relax and I usually think its one of them things that was always been there for me.You know what hairdressers say' a great hair day is a great you day' :)..

That being said I was never charged for a lady stylist and having some privacy before .. I got the card with the details of payment and  it was all there ... laughable to say the least... I left ..went to another Rush hair salon  on my way back home my hair done the same day with no extra charge for the privacy ! shouldn't it be the same everywhere  ?! its the same company I mean.. Anyways I am happy !

I still need to cancel my appointment with the first Rush ...